Tahj Bo

Hailing from Missoula Montana, Tahj’s musical style intertwines raw, socially conscious elements mixed with rhythm and rhyme to move the crowd.

A lyricist, vocalist, and musician, Tahj was influenced by music at an early age by his mother, a talented bass player. The combined influence of his musical family and conscious upbringing lend him an assured stage presence as a poet and rapper. His innate ability to create conscious music comes from the wise lineage of his native ancestry and the influence of conscious hip hop he listened to growing up.
Tahj has been an active musician, poet, and ambivalent activist on the scene for over a decade. He actively gets involved in social projects including his latest project, Express To Speak, a non-profit organization he found, enabling at-risk Native American youth to express themselves through spoken word and poetry. In addition he is an active member of his local Missoula community where you can find him hosting and arranging events related to socially conscious music and poetry.
Intuit knowing is the knowledge we were born with and our perception of ourselves in this society prevents us from realizing this knowledge. Tahj’s spiritual and intellectual music encourages his listeners to think for themselves in a time of mass confusion. Beyond being a conduit of creativity, he feels morally and civically obligated to spread the Truth through his music.